Go board game in Javascript

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Go board game in Javascript.


var some_var = GoBoard(container_id, length, board_size);


  1. Place <script src="path/to/gojs.js"></script> in the head element, or right before the body tag.

  2. Place an empty div container with a unique id attribute. A div element is preferred, but other elements such as p may be used.

    Example: <div id="go_board"></div>

    Note: If the container is not empty, gojs will empty it!

  3. Render the go board via

    var go_board = GoBoard("go_board", 500, 19)


19 x 19 board

var goboard = GoBoard("canvas", 500, 19);

9x9 board

var goboard2 = GoBoard("canvas2", 200, 9);

13x13 board

var goboard3 = GoBoard("canvas3", 300, 13);

16x16 board (non-standard)

var goboard4 = GoBoard("canvas4", 400, 16);